Practicing Forestry in Saskatchewan

What is the Practice of Forestry?

“Professional practice of forestry” means the provision of services in relation to the development, management, conservation and sustainability of forested land where those services require knowledge, training and experience equivalent to that required to become a member pursuant to this Act, and includes all or any of the following:

In most cases, anyone wishing to practice professional forestry in Saskatchewan (see exceptions in the Forestry Professions Act) must be a practicing member of the Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals (ASFP). The following paper provides guidance to workers and employers about the type of work that is considered to be the professional practice of forestry. 

Individuals who are not practicing members of the ASFP, including Foresters-in-Training and Forest Technologists-in-Training, may be able to practice forestry under the supervision of a Professional Forester, Professional Forest Technologist, or Restricted Member. The following paper describes the deliberate approach that must be taken by members who commit to supervising the practice of professional forestry by a non-practicing member.

Details on the Forestry Professions Act and ASFP Bylaws are outlined here: 

Legislation and Bylaws