About ASFP

In Saskatchewan, there are approximately 40 statutes that define and govern various professions from agrologists to accountants, music teachers to beekeepers. Nearly all of these statutes have one aspect in common: they provide assurances to – and protection of – the public in the areas of expertise provided by the registered professionals. Legislation governing the professional practice of forestry* received Royal Assent on April 27, 2006. Saskatchewan has become the seventh province in Canada to have such legislation and the third in Canada to have the legislation cover both foresters and forest technologists. The ASFP is an organization independent of government and industry that is responsible for ensuring that its members maintain required standards for competency and conduct.

*The Forestry Professions Act defines “the professional practice of forestry” as:

“the provision of services in relation to the development, management, conservation, and sustainability of forested land where those services require knowledge, training, and experience equivalent to that required to become a member pursuant to this Act, and includes all of any of the following: