Membership Maintenance

In order to be a member in good standing with the Association, there are various obligations that one must fulfill on an annual basis. The payment of annual fees and commitment to the Code of Ethics are two such obligations that can be discharged with minimal effort. Continuing education and the reporting of continuing education credits is more involved and is an integral part of being a forestry professional and of maintaining a current knowledge of forestry practices.

Annual Membership Renewal Obligations Policy 

This policy, which applies to all members of the ASFP, outlines the obligations of members to annually renew their membership, including payment of fees, declaration of continuing education hours, and renewal of commitment to the Code of Ethics. In addition, this policy provides a clear and consistent approach to the ASFP for handling late submissions and/or payments of membership renewals.

Members Change of Status Policy

This detailed policy aims to guide current and former members on the actions needed and process to be followed when requesting a change to membership status. Resignation, retirement, leave of absence, and reinstatement to practicing status are all discussed.

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